Fall Quarter 2011

General Body Meetings is held every Tuesday at 9pm at the Red Room ( College 8 ).

October 18th 2011
 I. Introduction – Ice breaker (La Gallina Ciega) Blind fold domeone, and have them    catch some one and figure out what their name is.

II. Liaison – The National Chiapas Fundraiser will be
  Friday October the 21st from 12-3 p.m.
  Quarry Plaza, Price: TBA

III. Outfits – Everybody check online to view the outfits and pick your top 3.
  The main one will be decided on, on Tuesday the next GBM.
  Take prices into account and think of any extra accessories for the guys. Fill out the questionnaire.

IV. Fundraising – SOCC is right around the corner.
Fundraising ideas:
•Ask colleges for money.
•CEP (Although money is distributed next quarter it’s good to plan ahead)
•The provost
•Have Dancing Downtown
•Sell on campus: Churros, pan, etc…
•Sell off campus: posole, pupusas, etc…
Money is already allocated to start fundraising.
Donations are given and accepted.
Remember that money that is raised on campus, some needs to be given to SOAR, and that can cause some little conflicts.
SOCC fundraising event will be decided on Tuesday the next GBM.

V. Internal Chair – Sabro Social (any day between Nov. 4-6)
Can be Friday night or Saturday or Sunday during the day.
Night activities include: bowling, roller blading, movies, bond fire, Palomar, and Sleepovers.
Day activities include: pot luck, playing sports, 5 min. conversations.
Voting on days: Friday NOV. 4: 10
*Saturday NOV.5: 15*
Sunday NOV.6: 3
Tuesday at GBM we will decide what to do for Sabro Social.

VI. Treasurer: Girls pay $10 by Saturday.
Those girls who haven’t paid for the flower they are $5.50 pay as well.

VII. Ili – Want to have a Como se Baila, which will happen next month.
Get fingerprints cleared for those who want to go to teach dance, 2 more people fit in the car.
For outreach Educational Segment, think what you all would like to discuss, and be more informed over. (Ex. Culture) Might want to consider discussing what is discussed in CAU.

VIII. Announcements: CHALE, wants to collaborate with Sabro and E^2 to have more events and a Stronger Hispanic/Latino community environment. Need a liaison to go to their meetings and repost back, Meetings are Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. at the Redwood Lounge. Liaisons: Ili, Lidia, and Luz
Next performance is on October 27, 2011, for Dia de los Muertos (Sabro will Close) at MPR in College 9 and 10.
Workshop OCT. 20 at 9:00 p.m. at porter ilounge. – Optional practice for dancers and members.
SOCC – NOV. 11-13 at UC Davis apply online, and become empowered and aware, all expenses paid, and Sabro will perform.

IX. Open Forum – Thinking about Grad School?  come to grad student fair, at Stevenson from 11- 3 p.m
Thursday there will be a art exhibit at the porter lounge from 7:30 to 10:00p.m.

X. Thank you all for coming and going to support the team.

October 11th, 2011
I. Intro
– What Sabrosura is all about.

II. Icebreaker
– The Silent Birthday Game (get in order from Jan – Dec w/o talking)

III. Core Members
– Backbone of Sabro
– Inc. Treasurer, Fundraising, OutReach, Internal/External Relations, Historian, Tech, Outfits, Publicity

IV. Nominations & Open Positions
– Secretary, Liaison, & Alumni Chair

V. Events
– Carnaval @ 10/14 (Friday) from 5-8pm @ C9/10 MPR
– CISPES Event @ 10/27 w/a guest Speaker from El Salvador along w/youth delegation (talk to Jonatan)
– Interested Ladies Fundraiser selling paletas in Quarry Plaza this week till Thursday from noon to around 3 (talk to Connie)
– CALPRIG petition to ban plastic bags (talk to Iliana)
– OutReach interest/Pajaro Valley Chapter (talk to Iliana)
– CAU mtgs @ 8-10pm @ Redwood Lounge (talk to Samantha)
– Think about going to Student of Color Conference (SOCC) (talk to Cynthia J)


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