SOCC @ UC Davis

During the month of November, UC Davis held a conference called Student of Color Conference (SOCC). The Student of Color Conference is a 23-years old annual conference that is hosted by different University of California (UC) campus every year through the University of California Association. This conference is meant to serve as a space for all students, statewide, to gather together on one campus to discuss the issues and struggles that students of color face on individual campuses. This year’s theme of the conference is E.D.U.A.T.E. Connecting our Struggles so as to Elevate, Dedicate, Unify, Celebrate and Advocate To Empower all students.

For this year, Sabrosura got invited to perform at this conference. After countless of hours of practices, fundraising, and hard work. Sabrosura became successful in achieving their common goal: To raise enough money to get to UC Davis and to give one of the most amazing performances Sabrosura has ever given. What made it special for Sabrosura is that they received a standing ovation which has never happened before! Congratulations to Sabrosura Dance Troupe for all their hard work and their commitment to the team!

Here’s the video of their amazing performance!


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