Sabrosura Winter Quarter Try-outs

Winter quarter has started! So do you know what that means???

Sabrosura is holding another try-outs for Winter quarter for those of you that who didnt make it last quarter or is interested in trying out for this quarter. Its a great opportiunity to get to know people and make new friends!

If you are not sure about trying out for this winter quarter or wish to find out more information about what Sabrosura does, then come to Sabrosura’s informational meeting, this Thursday (1/12) at the Muwekma Ohlone Conference room above the Baytree Bookstore.

We will be having try-outs this weekend, Saturday & Sunday (1/14-1/15) at 10am-12pm at OPERS Dance Studio.

***Note: Sabrosura wishes to make try-outs available for everyone, please contact the SOAR office at 831-459-2934 for accommodations.***

So please come and stop by! We would love to see everyone there!



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