Sabrosura Try-Outs – Fall 2011

OPERS Fall Festival was a success! Hundreds and hundreds of students went to this event! Many of them stopped by to see Sabrosura perform. Despite the hot sunny Santa Cruz weather, Sabrosura still gave the best performance. Many thanks to the members who have come to UCSC a week early to practice for this amazing performance!

Now, the moment has come! Sabrosura Dance Troupe is having try-outs for anyone who is interested in joining Sabrosura. The try-outs will take place on October 1st – 2nd starting at 10am-12pm. Oct. 1st-2nd try-outs will take place at OPERS Dance Studio (East Field House) .  Any students who are interested in trying out for the dance troupe, please come by! If you are not sure if you want to try out for Sabrosura or feels that you don’t know enough about what Sabrosura is about, then don’t worry. We will hold an informational meeting before the try-outs so you can gain a better understanding of what Sabrosura is about. The meeting will take place on September 29th at the Student Union (Above the ATMs) at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to stop by to the meeting to get more information about the try-outs or about Sabrosura Dance Troupe. We hope to see everyone there!

***Note: Sabrosura wishes to make try-outs available for everyone, please contact the SOAR office at 831-459-2934 for accommodations.***


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