OPERS Fall Festival – 2011

The annual OPERS Fall Festival is here! The Office of Physical Education, Recreation Sports (OPERS) invites us to start off the new academic years at the only campus-wide resource fair. This event is intended to showcase the wide array of student organizations and campus offices who provide direct services to UCSC students. Over 175 tables with representatives from sports clubs, recreation clubs, outdoor adventures, holistic health, SOAR organizations, student media, ethnic resource centers, university interfaith council, environmental groups, fraternities, sororities, sustainability office, student health center, retention services, and more. It is a fun and festive atmosphere where you can walk around and find the activities and clubs that interest you!
Sabrosura will be part of OPERS Fall Festival so you can come and see what Sabrosura is all about! We will be tabling so you can come by and find out more information about this organization. Sabrosura will be also performing at the stage, they will go on at 3:20pm. So if you want to see what Sabrosura is really about, then come and see what Sabrosura have to offer!

Here’s are the pictures from this year OPERS performance!


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